Level of the course : Bachelor of Education
Name of the Teacher Education Course : B.Ed.
Duration of the Course : 2 Years (2015-2017 onwards)
Whether conducted in Face to Face : Face-to-Face
Sanctioned intake : 100
Academic session : June to April
Affiliating Body : Aryabhatta Knowledge University


: Chanakya National Law University Campus, Near Mithapur Bus Stand, Mithapur Panta-800 001
Course Description : Students will follow the course prescribed by the Aryabhatta Knowledge University for B.Ed. Degree students.
Teaching Faculty
Prof. (Fr) Thomas Perumalil, S.J
Professor in Education
M.A, M.Ed., Ph.D
Date of Birth : 1-12-1952

Date of Appointment : 1.6.1999

Dr.(Mrs.)Madhu Kumari (Mrs. Madhu Singh)
Assoc. Prof. in Education
M.Sc, M.Ed, NET, Ph.D.
Date of Birth - 25-4-1965

Date of Appointment : 1.10.2001

Mrs. Mary Roseline
Asstt.Prof. in Social Science-2
M.A, M.Ed
Date of Birth : 2-1-1960

Date of Appointment : 1.7.2008

Fr. Victor Osta, S.J.
Asstt.Prof. in English
M.A., M.Ed.
Date of Birth : 2-1-1955

Date of Appointment : 16.6.2007

Mr. Sushil Kumar Singh
Asstt.Prof. in Mathematics
M.Sc.(Maths),M.A.(Soc.), M.Ed., NET(Edn.)
Date of Birth : 05-12-1971
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2010

Mr. Deep Kumar
Asstt.Prof. in Education
M.A.(Edn.), B.Ed
Date of Birth :16-6-1974

Date of Appointment : 1.7.2010

Ms. Vijayshree
Asstt. Prof. in Hindi
M.A., M.Ed., NET
Date of Birth - 25-10-1983
Date of Appointment : 13.6.2012

Dr.(Mrs.) Nimisha Srivastava
Asstt. Prof in Education
M.A (Edn.),M.A.,NET,M.Phil (Edn.),Ph.D.
Date of Birth - 06-03-1980

Date of Appointment : 01.07.2013

Dr. Vikramjit Singh
Asstt. Prof in Mathematics
M.Sc., M.Ed.,M.Phil (Edn.),NET,MBA (Edn.Mgt.), Ph.D
Date of Birth - 24-11-1981

Date of Appointment : 01.07.2014

Mrs. Sapna Suman
Asstt.Prof. in Physical Science
M.Sc., M.Ed., NET
Date of Birth - 02-01-1982
Date of Appointment : 1.8.2015
Fr. A. Christu Savarirajan, S.J.
Asstt.Prof. in Physical Science
M.Sc.(Physics), M.Ed.
Date of Birth - 03-04-1975
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016

Dr. Shobha
Asstt. Prof in English
M.A (English),M.Ed., Ph.D.
Date of Birth - 31-01-1981

Date of Appointment : 01.07.2016

Dr. Nivedita Raj
Asstt.Prof. in Social Science
M.A.,M.Ed., NET,Ph.D.
Date of Birth - 15-12-1974
Date of Appointment : 12.7.2017
Ms. Smita Paschal
Asstt.Prof. in Education
M.Ed., NET, M.A. (Pursuing)
Date of Birth - 20-09-1983
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
Ms. Sujata Kumari
Asstt.Prof. in Biological Science
M.Sc., M.Ed., NET
Date of Birth - 05-05-1988
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
Mr. Jay Prakash
Asstt.Prof. in Fine Arts
BFA, Chitra Bhaskar
Date of Birth - 04-12-1979
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2012
Mr. Ranjit Benedict Osta
Asstt.Prof. in Performing Arts
B.Ed., Sangeet Baskar
Date of Birth - 22-06-1972
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2012
Mr. Saurav Deep
Asstt.Prof. in Health & Physical Education
Date of Birth - 07-06-1989
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2016