Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna

St. Xavier's College of Educaiton (Autonomous), Patna
Autonomous College of Aryabhatta Knownlege University, Patna

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Choise Based Credit System (CBCS)

Level of the course : Under Graduate
Name of the Teacher Education Course : Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Duration of the Course : 2 years
Whether conducted in Face to Face : Face-to-Face
Sanctioned intake : 100
Academic session : July to April
Affiliating Body : Aryabhatta Knowledge University
Gyan Parisar, Mithapur,
Patna-800 001.


  • Understand the way learning occurs and to create plausible situations conducive to learning;
  • View knowledge as personal experience constructed in the shared contexts of teaching-learning, rather than embedded in the external reality of textbooks;
  • Be sensitive to the social, professional and administrative contexts in which they need to operate;
  • Develop appropriate competencies to be able to not only seek the above mentioned understanding in actual situations, but also to create them
  • Attain a sound knowledge base and proficiency in language;
  • Identify their own personal expectations, perceptions of self, capacities and inclinations;
  • Consciously attempt to formulate one’s own professional orientation as teach in situation-specific contexts;
  • View appraisal as a continuous educative process;
  • Develop an artistic and aesthetic sense in children through art education;
  • Address the learning needs of all children, including those who are marginalized and disabled;
  • Pursue an integrated model of teacher-education for strengthening the professionalization of teachers;
  • Develop the needed counseling skills and competencies to be a ‘facilitator’ for and ‘helper’ of children needing specific kinds of help in finding solutions for day-to-day problems related to educational, personal and social situations; and
  • Learn how to make productive work a pedagogic medium for acquiring knowledge in various subjects, developing values and learning multiple skills.
Teaching Faculty
woman avatar Prof.(Dr.) Thomas Varghese, S.J.
Principal & Professor in Education
B.A.(Eco.), M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc.(Psy.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth : 1-12-1952
Date of Appointment : 1.6.1999
woman avatar Fr. Victor Osta, S.J.
Asstt. Prof. in Education (English)
B.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., M.A.(Eng.), M.Ed.
Date of Birth -2-1-1955
Date of Appointment : 16.6.2007
woman avatar Mrs. Mary Roseline
Asstt.Prof. in Education (Social Science-2)
Date of Birth : 2-1-1960
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2008
woman avatar Mr. Sushil Kumar Singh
Asstt.Prof. in Education (Mathematics)
B.Sc.(Maths),M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET (Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.) Pursuing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth : 05-12-1971
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2010
woman avatar Mr. Deep Kumar
Asstt.Prof. in Education (Social Science)
B.A.(Edn), M.A.(Edn.),B.Ed.,M.A.(Pol.Sc.),Ph.D.(Edn)Pursuing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 16-6-1974
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2010
woman avatar Ms. Vijay Shree
Asstt. Prof. in Education (Hindi)
B.Sc.(Zoo.), M.Sc.(Zoo),M.A.(Hin.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.NET(Edn.)Ph.D.(Edn.)Pursuing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 25-10-1983
Date of Appointment : 13.6.2012
woman avatar Mr. Ranjit Benedict Osta
Asstt.Prof. in Education (Performing Arts)
B.A.(Eco.),M.A.(Eco.),B.Ed., Sangeet Baskar
Date of Birth - 22-06-1972
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2012
woman avatar Mr. Jay Prakash
Asstt.Prof. in Education (Fine Arts)
B.F.A, M.F.A, Chitra Bhaskar
Date of Birth - 04-12-1979
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2012
woman avatar Dr.(Mrs.) Nimisha Srivastava
Asstt. Prof in Education
B.A.(Edn.), B.Ed.,M.A.(Edn.),M.Phil.(Edn.),M.A.(Soc.),NET(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 06-03-1980
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2013
woman avatar Dr. Vikramjit Singh
Assoc. Prof. in Education
B.Sc. B.Ed. (Integrated), M.Ed., M.Sc.(Maths),MBA (Ednl.Mgnt.), M.Phil.(Edn.), UGC-NET-JRF(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 24-11-1981
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2014
woman avatar Mrs. Sapna Suman
Asstt. Prof. in Education (Physical Science)
B.Sc.(Phy.),M.Sc.(Phy.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET(Edn.),Ph.D.(Edn.) Purusing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 02-01-1982
Date of Appointment : 1.8.2015
woman avatar Dr. Shobha
Asstt. Prof. in Education (English)
Date of Birth - 31-01-1981
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
woman avatar Ms. Smita Sah
Asstt. Prof. in Education
B.A.(PLSA), M.A.(Psy), MBA,B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET(Edn.), Ph.D. (Edn.)Pursuing-AKU,Patna
Date of Birth - 20-09-1983
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
woman avatar Ms. Sujata Kumari
Asstt. Prof. in Education (Biological Science)
B.Sc.(Zoo.),M.Sc.(Zoo.),M.A.(Psy.), M.Ed., NET(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 05-05-1988
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
woman avatar Mr. Saurav Deep
Asstt.Prof. in Education (Health & Physical Education)
B.Sc. (Ph.Edu.H.&Sp.), B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.
Date of Birth - 07-06-1989
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2016
woman avatar Dr. Nivedita Raj
Asstt.Prof. in Education
B.A.(His.),M.A.(His.),Ph.D.(His.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET(Edn.),M.A.(Eng.), Ph.D.(Edn.)Pursuing-AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 15-12-1974
Date of Appointment : 12.7.2017