Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna

St. Xavier's College of Educaiton (Autonomous), Patna
Autonomous College of Aryabhatta Knownlege University, Patna

Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Choise Based Credit System (CBCS)

Level of the course : Post Graduate
Name of the Teacher Education Course : Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Duration of the Course : 2 years
Whether conducted in Face to Face : Face-to-Face
Sanctioned intake : 50
Academic session : July to April
Affiliating Body : Aryabhatta Knowledge University
Gyan Parisar, Mithapur,
Patna-800 001.


  • To understand the Socio-economic-cultural background and academic competency of entrants to Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) course;
  • To master the methods and techniques of developing competencies, commitments and performance skills of a teachers;
  • To explain the nature of issues and problems faced by the state system of education and some innovative remedies tried to solve them;
  • To appreciate the national education policies and provisions made in the plan to spread quality secondary education in the country, and the ways and means to equip would be secondary teachers for the same;
  • To understand, in the light of recent global developments, the new thrusts in education, and the ways and means to inculcate intellectual, emotional and performance skills among secondary and senior secondary pupils - the “Global citizens of tomorrow”;
  • To imbibe in them attitudes and skills required of ‘life-long learners” on the ‘ICT influenced world’ of today and tomorrow;
  • To acquire the skills required of a ‘consumer’ and ‘practitioner’ of educational research and innovations;
  • To develop experts of curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation for elementary, secondary and senior secondary education.
Teaching Faculty
woman avatar Prof.(Dr.) Thomas Varghese, S.J.
Principal & Professor in Education
B.A.(Eco.), M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc.(Psy.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth : 1-12-1952
Date of Appointment : 1.6.1999
woman avatar Dr.(Mrs.) Madhu Kumari (Mrs. Madhu Singh)
Assoc. Prof. in Education
B.Sc.(Zoo.), B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc.(Zoo.), M.A.(Psy.), NET(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 25-4-1965
Date of Appointment : 1.10.2001
woman avatar Dr. Ignatius Topno, S.J.
Professor in Education
B.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., M.Ed., NET(Edn.), M.A.(Eng.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth : 10-12-1966
Date of Appointment : 16.06.2008
woman avatar Ms. Vijay Shree
Asstt. Prof. in Education (Hindi)
B.Sc.(Zoo.), M.Sc.(Zoo),M.A.(Hin.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.NET(Edn.)Ph.D.(Edn.)Pursuing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 25-10-1983
Date of Appointment : 13.6.2012
woman avatar Dr.(Mrs.) Nimisha Srivastava
Asstt. Prof in Education
B.A.(Edn.), B.Ed.,M.A.(Edn.),M.Phil.(Edn.),M.A.(Soc.),NET(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 06-03-1980
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2013
woman avatar Dr. Vikramjit Singh
Assoc. Prof. in Education
B.Sc. B.Ed. (Integrated), M.Ed., M.Sc.(Maths),MBA (Ednl.Mgnt.), M.Phil.(Edn.), UGC-NET-JRF(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 24-11-1981
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2014
woman avatar Mrs. Sapna Suman
Asstt. Prof. in Education (Physical Science)
B.Sc.(Phy.),M.Sc.(Phy.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET(Edn.),Ph.D.(Edn.) Purusing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 02-01-1982
Date of Appointment : 1.8.2015
woman avatar Dr. Shobha
Asstt. Prof. in Education (English)
Date of Birth - 31-01-1981
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
woman avatar Ms. Sujata Kumari
Asstt. Prof. in Education (Biological Science)
B.Sc.(Zoo.),M.Sc.(Zoo.),M.A.(Psy.), M.Ed., NET(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 05-05-1988
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016
woman avatar Dr. Nivedita Raj
Asstt.Prof. in Education
B.A.(His.),M.A.(His.),Ph.D.(His.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET(Edn.),M.A.(Eng.), Ph.D.(Edn.)Pursuing-AKU-Patna
Date of Birth - 15-12-1974
Date of Appointment : 12.7.2017