Mandatory Disclosure
(updated on 27/08/2018)

(The following information is as per Regulations of NCTE)
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Original Order of NCTE:    BR-S/E-3/96, F.No.2799(12) dt. 11/02/1997 (View Details)
                                          BR-S/E-3/96/6636 dt. 28/08/1998 (View Detail)
Revised Order of NCTE:    ERC/NCTE/BR-S/E-3/96/B.Ed.(Revised Order)/2015/32379 dt. 29/05/2015 (View Details)
Master of Education
Original Order of NCTE:    ERC/7-92.6(1)/2009/16280(1)dt. 04/05/2009 (View Detail)
Reviesd Order of NCTE:    ERC/NCTE/APE00870/M.Ed.(Revised Order)/2015/32495 dt. 30/05/2015(View Details)
List of Students Admitted for B.Ed. and M.Ed. Session 2017(View Details)
Details of the institution :
Name of the Institution St. Xavier's College of Education
Date of Establishment November 1988
Complete Postal Address St. Xavier's College of Education
Digha Ghat P.O. Patna-800011, BIHAR
Phone 0612-2260253 & 6201161517
Fax 0612-2260253
Website Address
Nearest Railway Station Patna Junction
Nearest Town Patna
Type of Institution Co-Education
Status of Institution Self-Financed
Management Christian Minority
Management Self-Financed
Details of the course applied for
Level of the Course

Under Graduate and Post Graduate

Name of the Teacher Education Course

B.Ed. and M.Ed. (Full Time)

Duration of the Course 2 Year (2015-2017 onwards)
Whether to be conducted in Face to Face or distance mode Face to Face
Proposed Intake B.Ed.=100(50+50 units) and M.Ed.=50
Academic Session form which the course will be conducted 2017-2019
Details of the Affiliating Body Name

Aryabhatta Knowledge University

Chanakya National Law University Campus

Near Mithapur Bus Stand


Phone 0631-2200495
Land Area in 10373
Whether the Title of the land is on Ownership basis Yes
Title of the land is on lease as per law NA
Duration of the lease NA
Land Use Certificate obtained for educational institution Yes
Construction of the Building is complete Yes
Building is yet to be constructed No
Building is fire safety-proof Yes
Building is disabled friendly Yes
Common room for boys/girls available Yes
Date of completion of the building


Main Building : 1.7.1990
Extension Building : 3.12.2004
Covered Area in 2870.07
Number of classroom 7
The Library has separate reference section Journals and reading room Yes
Number of books in the library 14257
Total number of Educational Journals/Periodicals being subscribed

Indian Journals - 22

Foreign Journals - 04

Periodicals - 04

Number of encyclopedias available in the library 55
Number of books available in the reference section of the library 1388
Dissertation Abstracts

Indian Dissertation Abstracts(hard copy) - 16

International Dissertation Abstracts(hard copy) - 04

M.Ed. Dissertation(hard copy) - 248

M.Ed. Dissertation(soft copy) - 178

Educational Resources Videos YouTube 50
Seating capacity of the reading room of the library 100
Other Facilities

Ph.D. Theses



Wifi Internet


Instructional Facilities
Details of Laboratories available

Biological Science Laboratory (View Details)

Mathematics Laboratory (View Details)

Social Science Laboratory (View Details)

Physical Science Laboratory (View Details)

Psychology Laboratory (View Details)

Computer Laboratory(View Details)

Arrangement made for Internship


Number and Name of School(s) for Internship


1. St.Xavier's High School (Hindi),Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800001
2. St.Xavier's High School (English), Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800001
3. Bankipur govt. Girls' High School, Gol Ghar, Patna-800001
4. Notre Dame Academy, Patliputra Colony, Patna-800013
5. Loyola High School, Patliputra Colony, Patna-800013
6. St. Michael's High School, Digha Ghat P.O., Patna-800011
7. Hartmann Girls' High School, Digha Ghat P.O., Patna-800011
8. Sri Chand Madhya Vidyalaya, Balupar Rd., Patna 800010
9. Sri Chand High School, Balupar Rd., Patna 800010
10. St. Paul's High School, Fair Field Colony, Digha, Patna-800011
11. Don Bosco Academy, Digha Ghat P.O., Patna-800011
12. St. Karen's School, S.K.Puri, Patna-800001
13. St. Joseph's Convent High School, Bankipore, Patna-800004
14. Rajkiya Kanya Dwadashiya Vidyalaya, Shastri Nagar, Patna-800023
15. Rajkiyakrit Mahant Hanuman Sharan H.S., Manipura, Patna-800010
16. Indra Prasad Sing Balika Vidyalaya, Makhdumpur, Patna - 800011
17. Maidan Adarsh Madhya Vidyalaya, Danapur, Patna
18. DAV High School, Danapur Cantt., Patna
19. Baldeva Inter School, Danapur , Patna
20. Dhaneshwari Inter School, Danapur , Patna

Facilities for Games and Sports
Play ground of another institution on sharing basis


Facilities for Indoor Games


Facilities for Outdoor Games


Other Facilities available
Canteen facilities available


Medical facilities available


Hostel facilities available


Prof. (Dr.) Thomas Varghese
Principal, Professor in Education
B.A.(Eco.),M.A(Eco.),B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc.(Psy.),Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 1-12-1952

Date of Appointment : 1.6.1999

Affidavit (View Details)

Dr.(Mrs.)Madhu Kumari (Mrs. Madhu Singh)
Assoc. Prof. in Education
Date of Birth - 25-4-1965

Date of Appointment : 1.10.2001

Affidavit(View Details)

Fr. Victor Lazarus
Asstt.Prof. in English
B.A.(Eng.),B.Ed.,M.A.(Eng.), M.Ed.
Date of Birth : 2-1-1955

Date of Appointment : 16.6.2007

Affidavit(View Details)

Dr. Ignatius Topno, S.J.
Assoc. Prof. in Education
B.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., M.Ed., NET(Edn.), M.A.(Eng.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 10-12-1966
Date of Appointment : 16.07.2008

Affidavit(View Details)

Mrs. Mary Roseline
Asstt.Prof. in Geography
B.A.(Geo.),M.A.(Geo.),B.Ed., M.Ed.
Date of Birth : 2-1-1960

Date of Appointment : 1.7.2008

Affidavit(View Details)

Mr. Sushil Kumar Singh
Asstt.Prof. in Mathematics
B.Sc.(Maths),M.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET(Edn.),Ph.D.(Edn.)Pursuing, AKU-Patna
Date of Birth : 05-12-1971
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2010

Affidavit(View Details)

Mr. Deep Kumar
Asstt.Prof. in Social Science
Date of Birth :16-6-1974

Date of Appointment : 1.7.2010

Affidavit(View Details)

Ms. Vijay Shree
Asstt. Prof. in Hindi
Date of Birth - 25-10-1983
Date of Appointment : 13.6.2012

Affidavit(View Details)

Dr.(Mrs.) Nimisha Srivastava
Asstt. Prof in Education
B.A.(Edn.),B.Ed.,M.A.(Edn.),M.Phil.(Edn.),M.A.(Soc.), NET(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 06-03-1980
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2013

Affidavit(View Details)

Dr. Vikramjit Singh
Asstt. Prof in Mathematics
UGC-NET-JRF(Edn.), Ph.D.(Edn.)
Date of Birth - 24-11-1981
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2014

Affidavit(View Details)

Mrs. Sapna Suman
Asstt.Prof. in Physical Science
Date of Birth - 02-01-1982
Date of Appointment : 1.8.2015

Affidavit(View Details)

Dr. Shobha
Asstt. Prof in English
B.A.(Eng.),M.A (Eng.),B.Ed.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.(Eng.)
Date of Birth - 31-01-1981

Date of Appointment : 01.07.2016

Affidavit(View Details)

Dr. Nivedita Raj
Asstt.Prof. in Education
Date of Birth - 15-12-1974
Date of Appointment : 12.7.2017

Affidavit(View Details)

Ms. Smita Paschal
Asstt.Prof. in Education
Date of Birth - 20-09-1983
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016

Affidavit(View Details)

Ms. Sujata Kumari
Asstt.Prof. in Biological Science
Date of Birth - 05-05-1988
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2016

Affidavit(View Details)

Mr. Jay Prakash
Asstt.Prof. in Fine Arts
B.F.A,M.F.A,Chitra Bhaskar
Date of Birth - 04-12-1979
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2012

Affidavit(View Details)

Mr. Ranjit Benedict Osta
Asstt.Prof. in Performing Arts
B.A.(Eco.),M.A.(Eco.),B.Ed., Sangeet Baskar
Date of Birth - 22-06-1972
Date of Appointment : 1.7.2012

Affidavit(View Details)

Mr. Saurav Deep
Asstt.Prof. in Health & Physical Education
Date of Birth - 07-06-1989
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2016

Affidavit(View Details)

Supporting Staff
Bro. Hilary Goveas
Matric, Accountancy
Date of Birth - 23.12.1934
Date of Appointment:1.9.2001

Mrs. Claramma James
Principal's Sec.
Matric, Dip. In Sec. Pr.
Date of Birth : 10.1.1959
Date of Appointment:1.11.1991

Mr. Rajesh Kumar
B.A., B.Ed., B.L.S., M.LIS
Date of Birth - 14.10.1963
Date of Appointment:1.10.1999

Mr. Vijay Khalkho
Office Assistant
B.Sc.(IT), Computer Trg.
Date of Birth - 15.12.1978
Date of Appointment:1.4.2002

Mr. Noel Bernard
Office Assistanat
B.Com, Computer Trg.
Date of Birth -30-12-1983
Date of Appointment:1.4.2010

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sah
Date of Birth - 12.12.1979
Date of Appointment:1.7.2014
Mr. Andreas Xalxo
Support Staff
Date of Birth - 12.2.1975
Date of Appointment:1.11.2004
 Mrs. Urmila Toppo
 Support Staff
 Date of Birth - 22.10.1970
Date of Appointment:3.11.2005
 Mr.Ranjan Kumar
 Support Staff
 Date of Birth - 29.4.1978
Date of Appointment:1.8.2011
 Mr.Ramnarayan Pandit
 Date of Birth - 04.07.1954
Date of Appointment:01.07.2016
Ms. Madhu Devi
Support Staff
High School
Date of Birth - 04.03.1988
Date of Appointment : 05.08.2017