Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna

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Activity-Based Methods and Approaches of Teaching-The Need of the Hour
Prof. Lalit Kumar
PRASHAST: An Early Intervention for Inclusive Education- A Multi-dimensional Analysis of Academic and Emotional Outcomes
Dr. Vinod Kumar & Monika
School Horticulture Practices as Precursor of Environmental Awareness of Secondary School Students
Dr. Sankaranarayanan Paleeri & Anjali. P.
Challenges of Primary Educational Stakeholders During Covid-19 towards Learning
Ms. Iram Sarver & Dr. Jitendranath Gorai
डॉ. राधाकृष्णन जी के शिक्षा सम्बन्धी विचारों की वर्तमान समय में प्रासंगिकता
डॉ. मंजू गुप्ता
National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Holistic, Multidisciplinary and Technology Based Education
Dr. Kotra Balayogi
New Normal Classroom And Skill Development among Vocational Higher Secondary School Students
Jennie Ann Thomas & Dr. Mini John
Effect of Intervention on Self-Regulated Learning at Secondary Level
Manoj Kumar
Strategic Assessment of Government Funding in Samagra Shiksha Schemes: Analyzing Current Status, Mitigating, Challenges and Proposing Future-Ready Financial Frameworks for Educational Empowerment in India
Md. Asraul Hoque
Impact of Social Media on Secondary School Students
Dr. C.E. Jayanthi
NEP-2020: Towards Women Empowerment
Sana Nahid
Local History of Chenam: A study of Institutions and Social Relations
Siddhiv S. Algeri & Subaina Y.H.
Frustration Tolerance among Higher Secondary Students
K. Rashmi & Dr. Seema Menon K.P.