Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna


  1. A student admitted to St. Xavier’s College of Education must maintain an ethos of commitment to a professional programme. He/She is expected to aim at the highest achievement in every sphere and to conduct himself/herself in a responsible and dignified manner wherever he/she may be.
    1. According to the Aryabhatta Knowledge University regulations the trainees must attend 80% of all theory classes. St. Xavier’s College of Education expects them to attend all classes.The trainees must attend all demonstration and criticism classes during the course as well as his/her Scheduled Practice Teaching classes during October-November Practice Teaching period. The trainee is expected to teach in any school assigned by the college authorities.
    2. A trainee must also attend all college functions and activities such as cultural functions, seminars, symposia, debates, quizzes, essay competitions, sports, picnic, community services, exposure programmes, retreat etc.
    3. Prior permission is required from the Principal for any absence either from theory or practical classes or community life activities.
    4. It goes without saying that no commitment should be undertaken during the regular timings of the college classes and activities.
    5. The student’s name is liable to be dropped from the rolls, if he/she is absent continuously for more than 10 days without leave. A re-admission fee will be charged, if re-admission is granted at all.
    6. All are expected to attend all classes on the closing day before and opening day after each of the vacations and short breaks. Those absent without prior leave will be fined.
  2. The college has a well-maintained computerized library of over 13,000 books and periodicals. Every student is expected to make the best use of it making sure, however, to observe the library rules fully.
  3. Additional courses like spoken English will be offered. Though these are not compulsory, the trainees are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.
  4. There will be four semester examinations and six content tests. Trainees must sit for all of them. The average of all will be taken for the internal assessment.